Environmental consciousness and sustainability are very important in our corporate philosophy!

The environmentallyresponsible economic activity is an inherent part of our corporate policy.

Our partner printing house that is working with the natural product paper daily is keen to look after the environment and preserving the nature. Nowadays the paper producers offer a wide range of materials from sustained cultivation. The PEFC- and FSC- certified papers are versatile suitable and applicable for demanding printing products. The work of the associations PEFC and FSC (For detailed information please consult: www.fsc-paper.de www.fsc-deutschland.de www.pefc.org ) concentrates in the international context on a social, ecological and economical utilization of nature resources and forests. Both organizations certify wood, wood products and paper if it originates from sustainable forestry. Thereby strict criteria have to be fullfilled concerning purchase, storage, processing and sale to receive these cerificates. The customer, acquiring these products, should always be able to rely on the fact that all firms in the production chain (from the resource to the producer of the end-product) are certified.


In the logistics division it is operated environmentally conscious as well. The distribution of our publications as well as all correspondence has been shifted to DHL GoGreen – the climate-friendly distribution.

The purpose of the Go-Green programme is to achieve a significant improvement of the CO2-efficiency. This gives us the assurance that our shipments reach their recipients quickly and safely and thereby will be transported climate-neutral.


Further information to GOGREEN.

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