Collecting society Wort

Information about the VG Wort and the distribution amount for authors

What is the VG Wort about?

The German collecting society Wort (VG Wort) is an incorporated association that was founded in 1958. The association is a private-law interest group, an union of authors and publishing houses in order to realize copyrights in common. The function is the administration of the author’s fee from secondary use rights (right of reproduction, right of distribution and so on). The German collecting Society is an industrial association that has been granted the capacity to acquire and hold rights and duties (§ 22 BGB, § 1 Abs. 4 UrhWG).

The VG Wort receives legal renumerations of all that install copiers in public or private rooms (e.g. universities, companies). It is comparable with the GEMA, who protects and organizes the copyright for sound carrier.

The Rightsholder, the author, concludes a collection agreement with the VG Wort. Thereby the rightsholder assigned the VG Wort to act on a trust basis.

The conclusion of a contract is free of charge and occurs online with a registration on the registration portal T.O.M.


Requirements for the VG-Wort fees

Requirement for the right to receive an author’s fee is on the one hand that the publication is proven in an appropriate extent in scientific libraries and specialised libraries (in two regional network systems with at least five locations).

On the other hand you as an author have to hold a permanent residence in Germany or need to have the German, Swiss or an EU- citizenship. Authors from Austria may contact the collecting society Literarer Mechana ( The collecting society from Switzerland is ProLitteris (www.

The amount of the author’s fee depends on the VG Wort revenue and the amount of authorized authors. The distribution amount for authors complies with the particular volume of pages.

The distribution amount in 2014 for a published book in 2013 was 800 €. The royalty will get paid in the particular following year on the basis of a complex distribution key to authors and publishing houses. The future amount may be higher or lower than the previous one.

If you have further questions concerning the VG-Wort fee please contact us. You will find further information about the VG Wort on the homepage

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