Only three easy steps to the publication of your book

1. Registration and conclusion of contract

The path to your own published book is more simple than you may think.
To begin with, download the author's contract in our download area and fill out the form correctly; please send us duplicate copies, we will return a signed copy to you to ensure the verification of the contract. If for any reason you need the process to speed up a little, please feel free to send a fax ex ante.

Set up a user account on our site, you will receive a personal password by e-mail in order to log onto your personal user area. From here you can upload your manuscript quite comfortably as a PDF or Word file. If you wish we can convert your document into a PDF file for you at no extra cost. With regard to file size there is a restriction of max. 150 MB. Any file of bigger content can be uploaded via our FTP server. If you already have your own cover, you may also upload your design as a Power Point-, Coral Draw- or Photoshop-file.

2. Production of the optimal printer's copy

Now it is our turn. After close examination of the layout by checking layout and formatting of your manuscript, we generate a Preflight by which the content of your PDF-document is analyzed. Are all used fonts embedded? Are all picture data in access and are color rooms correctly appointed? We will let you know if your document fulfils the printing standards. Furthermore we will design the layout for your book cover according to your desired fitting (Classic or Premium), either your own cover design or one by our company fulfilling to your satisfaction. This process usually takes up to three days. As soon as we have completed these first steps we will notify you via e-mail. Within your user account, you can look at and download the ready layout file. Should you be satisfied with our design please give us your consent to proceed with the printing process.

3. Print and completion

Now your book goes immediately to print. A soft cover release is delivered within 3 to 5 week days after printing process consent; hard cover copy production can take up to three full weeks.

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