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The Sierke publishing company is an international publishing house which has specialised in the publication of science-theoretical, practical and use-related literature.

With creativity and revolutionary ideas we reflect the spirit of modern book publishing. In addition to traditional print media we additionally offer to our authors to publish their books as eBook in PDF format or as ePub.

We have equipped our website with advanced features. For example, you can easily manage your book project in our customer center: Use your personal user account to upload your manuscripts and publication files, regardless of the attachment size limitations of most e-mail providers. We upload proofs of your publication files to your account, and in the final step you can upload your printing release.

And if you need your book even faster: Our SOS book service team works on weekends to prepare your files for publishing.

With an efficient team, powerful software, and various partner programs, we publish your book successfully. Our service is personal, individual, and always tailored to the needs and requirements of our authors.

Contact us! We would be pleased to advise you.

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