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On the author's pages of our homepage you can find important information about the course of the publication process as well as valuable tips to ensure that your typo script becomes a nice and appealing book.

Personal and individual consultation and support at each step along the way is naturally understood. We offer a broad spectrum of publishing work by which you receive a singular product and extensive marketing service. Your publication is registered in the list of available books (VLB) before its actual appearance and is therefore included in the weekly new release service of the German National Library (DNB) as an advance notice. From this moment on your book can be read and used for research world-wide. It can be ordered via retail book trade, Amazon and of course our own online-shop.

Of course, you may certainly choose the layout for your book. You decide if your book should be bound with a paperback or a hardback cover, it's entirely up to you. All covers, regardless of which kind, are distinctively designed with a four-coloured print. You can choose the graphics yourself at iStockphoto.com or Fotolia.de, or you can present your personal photos and binding ideas to us. We will try to satisfy and fulfil your expectations as well as possible. The text component is just as important as the layout structure. A thicker paper grade enhances your book's interior and optical design.

The standard paper size DIN A 5 is usually preferred by our authors. Here you also have the opportunity to create and add your personal touch by choosing your desired format. A larger format ensures the advantage of you book standing out from others and we guarantee to keep the additional costs at a considerable minimum. 

Within our publishing service, reformatting and proofreading of your script are also very important components. If you wish for your German or even English manuscript to be proofread one last time before publication, our editorial office will see to it immediately. We will make sure that orthographic and grammatical mistakes are corrected.

Certainly you receive an author's remuneration amounting to 10% of the net sales price of your finished product. Yet, as a listed author of the Sierke Publishing Company we offer an alternative to abstain from the author's remuneration and reduce production costs of your own copies instead. 

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